Personal Info


Religion: Christian

Date of Birth: 6th March

Origin: Kannur, Kerala, India




I am very choosy when it comes to friendship. I have limited friends whose company I enjoy very much.  I like to have sincere, pure and honest friendship. 



Favourite Quote


"You must do the thing, you think you cannot do."

.........Eleanor Roosevelt




Favourite Poetry



Summer Rain


What could be lovelier than to hear the summer rain
Cutting across the heat, as scythes cutting across grain?
Falling upon the steaming roof with sweet uproar,
Tapping and rapping wildly at the door?
No, do not lift the latch, but through the pane
We'll stand and watch the circus pageant
Of the rain,
And see the lightening, like a tiger, striped and dread,
And hear the thunder cross the shaken sky
With elephant tread.


By Elizabeth Coatsworth




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